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"The Japanese Bridge, 1928" 
François Beauck (Belgian, 1876-1946)
Oil on cardboard
Signed and dated with inscriptions on the back
27.25 x 13.5 (33 x 19.33 frame) inches


The inscription on the back reads:
"To Monsieur P. Deneyer, as a token of sympathy and also of gratitude for the beautiful art frames he made for me for my Artistic Circle Exhibition. Forest, January 6, 1928 Francois Beauck"

François Beauck (Belgian, 1876-1946), painter of landscapes, portraits and female figures. He was also a music composer and married to the soloist Emma Beauck who was the private singer of the Princess Marie,  Countess of Flanders and Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Belgium. 


François Beauck started out as an organist in Ixelles, Brussels. He finished his studies at the Académie Picard in 1905, the year he made his first exhibition in Ostend. He became a member of the Belgian Independent Artists in 1910 and exhibited in Paris at the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. 


A noted Draftsman and illustrator, Beauck illustrated several literary works including the drama "Le Cloître" by Emile Verhaeren. After 1918, he exhibited in Brussels alongside renowned artists such as Alfred Bastien, James Ensor, Maurice Langaskens, Arthur Navez, Auguste Oleffe, Rik Wouters and Henry Ramah who was encouraged by François Beauck to pursue an artistic career. 


Works in the Museums of Brussels and Ixelles. 

"The Japanese Bridge, 1928" François Beauck (Belgian, 1876-1946)

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