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Dog Portrait of a Terrier "Sugar Nose"
Carl Friedrich Deiker (German, 1836-1892)
Circa 1870
Oil on wood panel
Circa 12 1/2 x 11 1/12 


Carl Friedrich Deiker specialized in depicting animal and hunting motifs. From 1864 until his death, he lived in Düsseldorf. His specialty was painting big game and wild boar and he was also skilled at the depictions of deer fights, fleeing big game – being pursued by the hunter - and the like. He also treated vultures and falcons, scenes from the life of foxes with excellent results. 


His painting, Sauhatz-Sow Hunt (1870), is in the Museum in Cologne. He has also supplied numerous drawings of hunting scenes for illustrated journals and hunting books. 

With his dramatic depictions of the hunt and his connection to the painting of the Rubens School, he is regarded as an important source of inspiration for the animal paintings of the Düsseldorf School. 


The highly regarded British animal painter Louis Henry Weston Klingender was a student of Deiker as was the remarkable Swedish animal painter Bruno Liljefors.  


Dog Portrait of a Terrier "Sugar Nose"-Carl Friedrich Deiker, circa 1870

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