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Porcelain Dog Portrait: Cavalier King Charles-Edmé Samson
According to the model created by Johann Joachim Kaendler (MEISSEN around 1770).
By the famous factory of Edmé Samson (1810-1891)
Circa 1860, Paris
6 x 6 x 4

Faithfully executed with careful and precise decoration from the fur to the endearing look.

Though small, this porcelain depiction is a superb and tenderly created portrait of a Cavalier King Charles. The creation of this porcelain figure is done in a highly naturalistic study of their subject, Rarely ever can an artist capture soulful eyes of a Cavalier King Charles. The ecorche is also superb and very lifelike with the physical expression of the dog sitting on the left resulting in a gentle sway to the hip and attractive curvature of the back. Though it's a small package, it's all utterly believable.

Condition is very good with no discernable losses or repairs. 

Porcelain Dog Portrait Cavalier King Charles-Edmé Samson circa 1860

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