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Pair of Buddhist Foo Dogs 
Polychrome porcelain
Japan, Meiji era (1868 – 1912), circa late 19th century
Satsuma Kilns


This exquisite pair of Japanese Foo-dogs are very high quality. These were clearly created for a high status individual based on the fine and detailed execution. 

They are represented standing on the hind legs, the chest and the front legs placed on a multicolored openwork ball decorated with rich floral motifs. The mouth is slightly open and reveals the fangs and the tongue. The tail, coiled on the back, as well as the long mane are treated in large swirling patterns, the body meanwhile is dotted with large bluish bucolic patterns enhanced with gold.


Stamp under the paw.



Pair of Japanese Buddhist, Meiji Period Foo-Dogs from the Satsuma Kilns, 19th C.

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