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"Provençal Landscape with Cypress Trees In Summer" 
Henri Brun-Marin ca. 1930s
Oil on canvas, signed lower right
(21 x 14 1/4 27 1/2 20 3/4 frame)


Charming mid-20th century painting, oil on canvas signed lower right "H. Brun-Marin," representing an old Provençal house with Cypress tress in the countryside. A view of a village with it's steeples and church towers can be seen off in the distance in the lower right quadrant all smartly executed in light pinks and peach tones. The painting is at once very bold and yet very restrained.


Beau knife technique with a deft touch. The color palette is a wonderful blend of bright and cool colors showing ambers and golds to turquoise and mauve. The wood frame is original to the painting. 


Though not much is known about Henri Brun-Marin, he did some very solid work in the earlier and mid 20th century. We feel this is his finest work we've ever encountered. A very solid and lively Post-Impressionist work of art that shows wonderfully.  

"Provençal Landscape with Cypress Trees In Summer" Henri Brun-Marin ca. 1930s

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