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"Shed In A Sunny Landscape In Provence (Cabanon Dans Un Paysage Ensoleillé En Provence)"
Eugene De Barberiis (French, 1851-1937)
Oil on canvas
Signed lower left
17 1/2 x 12 1/2 (26 x 21 frame) inches

Sunny, cheerful and truly representative of the summer light in Provence by this work by Marseille artist Eugène Barthélemy De Barbériis, depicts a woman cultivating her garden.

Eugène de Barbériis exhibited at the Salon of French artists from 1878 to 1901. In his early days, he mainly presented subjects showing the daily life of soldiers. Pupil of William Adolphe Bouguereau, Tony Robert-Fleury, and Édouard Detaille

Later in his career, after about 1890, his search for Mediterranean light led him back to Marseille to paint many landscapes and seascapes in Provence. He remained devoted to Provençal painting throughout the last part of his life.

His pieces can be seen at the Museum of Fine Arts in Marseille as well as the Cantini Museum in the same city. 1912, he showed 80 canvases illustrating the city of Marseille and its surroundings at the Central Gallery of Modern Art in Marseille

"Shed In A Sunny Landscape In Provence" Eugene De Barberiis (French, 1851-1937)

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