"Trying to Stay Straight"

Allison Gregory


Wood panel, cut paper, color shifting paint, rhinestones, resin

48 x 12 x 1 inches


"A painter must simultaneously re-metabolize and unsee everything that's come before and-through some mysterious, masterful act of cultural Kung Fu-make something new. The artists I chose for this issue of New American Paintings rise to this challenge. Although marching to their own drum beats, these painters vibrate with what I believe to be important broad directions in art and culture today. Allison Gregory makes exciting and innovative abstract images... not afraid to fetishize paint, push the picture plane into three dimensions, and generally go for the baroque. A nonrepresentational painting, they argue, can give Lady Gaga a run for her money." -- Toby Kamps, Senior Curator at The Menil Collection Museum, Houston

"Trying to Stay Straight" Allison Gregory, 2020