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"The Power (Lies with the People) 1970 
Olaf Karlsen (b. 1947)
Oil on canvas
Signed front and back.

28 1/4 x 40 inches (frame)

Olaf Karlsen  has managed to remain a man of mystery so there's not a great deal written about him but the the majority of his artistic output was during the 1970's and 1980's.


His art is described as partially abstracted, light-filled impressionism. He's known as a colorist with a sense for the finer shades of color and paints with short, broad strokes. Though he painted sea and beach scenes as well as portraits, he had an output of surreal and mystical elements. 


The latter style is what we're discussing. The brushwork is beautiful and the imagery is at once powerful, otherworldly and mysterious. His choice of color pallet only adds to the depth of otherworldly aspects. To me it's like these figures are wanting to channel some ancient universal wisdom. 


Olaf Karlsen is listed in the Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and he has had and taken part in countless exhibitions over the decades. 


"The Power (Belongs to the People) 1970 Olaf Karlsen

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