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George Cazals (France, 19th-20th)
Oil on wood panel
Dated "Toulouse 14 Sept 1894"
Signed lower right
9 x 4 (12 x 7 frame) inches

George Cazals was active in Toulouse and in the South. He was an animalier, painter of still lifes and portraits


Frogs signify transformation, change, cleansing water, fertility, and prosperity. This spirit animal's influence of peace, eternal beauty within, and honesty are powerful earthly forces.

Frogs are viewed as representing good luck. The symbols associated with this little creature are prosperity, abundance, well-being, healing, health, growth, development, fertility, and good fortune. 

Because of this, it's a favorable omen when a frog shows up in your life.

Animal Painting of Frogs dated 1894 by George Cazals (France, 19th-20th)

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