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Carrara Marble Sculpture of a Dog with a Collar "Chihuahua
Paul Gayrard (France, 1807-1855)
Signed ca. 1835


Paul Gayrard studied at an early age with his father Raymond Gayrard, sculptor and medalist, (Rodez, October 25, 1777-1858). He is a student of François Rude and David d'Angers.


Paul Gayrard began at the Salon of 1827 and continued his exhibitions throughout his life. In 1834, he obtained second place in the competition and the first class medal in 1846 and 1848. He exhibited for the last time in 1855.

Appreciated by French high society, he created many busts of contemporary personalities. He is also an animal sculptor.

Carrara Marble Sculpture of a Dog "Chihuahua" signed Paul Gayrard ca. 1835

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