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“Standing Horse in the Stable”
Georg Wolf (Alsace/Germany 1882-1962)
Oil on canvas
39 1/2 x 21 1/2 (46 1/4 x 38 1/4 frame) inches
Estate stamp and inventory No. 178 on the back of the frame. 


This very large canvas creates an emphasis on the massiveness of the draft horse. This depiction is deftly handled with an interesting palette developed with myriad complementary and colors and confident brushstrokes. Wolf was a master of his craft. 


A German animal and landscape painter from the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Wolf attended classes of the animal painter Julius Paul Junghanns eventually becoming a master student of Dr. Junghanns.

Americans studying at the Dusseldorf School included George Caleb Bingham, Albert Bierstadt, Eastman Johnson, et. al

“Standing Draft Horse in the Stable” Georg Wolf (Germany 1882-1962)

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