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Dog Painting of a Terrier Version 2

Jules Chardigny (1849-1892)
Circa 1880
Oil on wood panel
8 1/8 x 5 3/8 (13 1/2 x 10 3/4 frame) inches


(Not yet professionally photographed)


Though this painting is the mate to the dog portrait "Tom" by Louis Léger Chardin and was painted on several occasions, we've not located a similar painting by Théodore Levigne, though it would be of no surprise to locate another example by Levigne. Moreover, it would be of incredible interest to find such an example. 


Further, we do own a second example of this fine chap who will be arriving from France in the next few weeks. Aside from those two examples, we located several others that have been sold through the years. More information upon request. 


Having located several paintings of Tom and his Terrier-looking pal done by at least three different artists, one must conclude that Tom and his buddy were quite the popular models in the canine universe in France at around 1880. Aside from Louis Léger Chardin (1833-1918), Tom & Co. were painted by Théodore Levigne (1848-1912) in addition to Jules Chardigny (1842-1892). Not only were these two blokes popular canine models, but they were painted as duplicates as well. Why they would be painted by several painters but then to be repainted again by the same artists is such a mystery. All the paintings appear to have been executed as oil on panel in rather diminutive sizes such as the present examples. One example created by Jules Chardigny was published in the book by "Dog Painting: The European Dog, by William Secord.


Contact me for more details and information about this fascinating portrait. 

Dog painting of a terrier, by Jules Chardigny

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