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Dog Portrait of a Beauceron "Bas Rouge" 
Emile Bujon (French 19th/20th century
Oil on wood panel
Signed and dated "1877"
5 1/4 x 4 3/4 (9 3/8 x 8 7/8 frame) inches


"Bas rouge" means red stockings and a is a nickname given to the Beauceron for the handsome squirrel red highlights on their socks. 


The beauceron is an imposing and powerful working dog from France.  They are muscular, large and rugged and were developed in the 1500s as a hunter of wild boar. It also became useful as a herding dog and are excellent and “levelheaded” watchdogs and guardians being especially good with young and defenseless. Due the high intelligence of the breed and great sensitivity, the beauceron has been deployed as soldiers, bodyguards, companions and of course, peerless herder of livestock. Think of a border collie brain in a 110-pound dog. 


Emile Bujon was a French painter active in the 19th century primarily concerned with hunting and military scenes. 

Dog Portrait of a Beauceron "Bas Rouge, 1877"; French Wild-Boar Hunting Dog

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