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"Moroccan Village-1927" Marius Hubert-Robert (French, 1885-1966)

Oil on cardboard 14 ¾ x 21 7/8 inches

Signed and dated "1927" l.l

Dedication on the back (",,,,bought from the painter in 1928 for 1200 Francs...")


Marius Hubert-Robert was born in Paris in 1885. He is the great-great nephew of the celebrated landscape painter Hubert Robert (1733-1808) and the grandson of Aphonse Robert was the personal, private painter to Louis Phillipe I. Additionally, Hubert-Robert’s great-great grandfather was professor of painting to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany during the Napoleonic Era.


Hubert-Robert exhibited widely at the Salon des Indépendants, at the Société des Artistes Français, the Société Nouvelle des Beaux Arts, and at the Salon d'Hiver, etc. He was sponsored by the Astor family for a decade which allowed him to travel extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Africa, Greece and Indochina. In turn, he had numerous shows at prestigious galleries in Paris and London as well as exhibitions in New York, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and other cities as well as the major cities in Canada, Brazil, Argentina and at centers of Europe and the Near East.


"Moroccan Village-1927" Marius Hubert-Robert (French, 1885-1966)

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