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Published Tibetan Chest with Animals of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar Spink's 1999
Tibet, 19th century
Wood, pigments, metal 
14-3/4 x 13-1/4 x 12-1/4 inches


This is an incredibly rare and highly decorative piece of Antique Tibetan furniture.

From Spink's Catalog- 1999


"Antique Tibetan trunk with a gorgeous painted front depicting a wide array of bright animals roaming grassy plains: From the left side, a blue scaled dragon with red hair and scales descends from a billowing cloud clutching a ball in both its front claws. Sheep, an ox, tigers, rabbit, a horse, a large bird, and a dog span the plains and two small monkeys are shown climbing a tree to pick its fruit while a snake coils its body around the trunk. Overall, there are 12 animals depicted in the imagery. 

In the background a beautiful waterfall can be seen with two heavenly beings in white veils cloak the mountain walls. Red lacquer with small flowers within a honeycomb design borders the front of the trunk decorated with black and green arrows and arrow-like iron hardware along the edges and an iron lock at the very top. 


Tibetan Chest with Animals of the Chinese Zodiac- Published Spink's 1999

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