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“Standing Grey Horse, Facing Right”
Georg Wolf (Germany 1882-1962)
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated 1907 lower right
27 x 19 (35 x 27 frame) inches

With it's bobbed tail cut short so it doesn't become tangled, it's apparent that this fine specimen was a draught horse used for pulling plows, wagons, etc. The in depth study and appreciation of the very large and powerful horse is shown in a field with mauves and pinks which soften the entire affair.   


The exquisite brushwork and use of layers of complementary and contrasting color gives a tremendous sense of depth and palpable sense of life.  The execution light and shadow of the horse's coat has an incredible almost life-like sheen much like a recently brushed horse. 


A German animal and landscape painter from the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Wolf was a master student of Professor Julius Paul Junghanns who then continued his studies at the Heinrich von Zugel Animal Painting School from 1909-1914.


Americans studying at the Dusseldorf School included George Caleb Bingham, Albert Bierstadt, Eastman Johnson, et. al

"Standing Grey Horse, Facing Right" Georg Wolf (German, 1882-1962) dated 1911

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